Cowboys and seahawks: Could He Bring Life to the Seattle Seahawks Defense?

Jaylon Smith, also known as “A Friend of the Show,” has established himself as a successful NFL player despite facing a devastating injury during his college days at Notre Dame. Once considered one of the top prospects in the 2016 NFL Draft, Smith suffered a severe injury in his final collegiate game, causing concerns about his future in football. However, the Dallas Cowboys took a chance on him in the second round, knowing that he would need to sit out his entire rookie season for rehabilitation.

Through determination, hard work, and his unwavering faith, Smith not only made it back to the field but also earned a Pro Bowl selection. Despite his accomplishments, Smith is currently a free agent and attracting interest from teams around the league. One team that has been linked to him is the Seattle Seahawks.

As teams prepare for training camp, the Seahawks are evaluating their roster and looking to address areas of concern. According to Seattle Sports’ Michael Bumpus, a former Seahawks player, the team’s lack of depth at linebacker is a significant issue. While Bobby Wagner remains a star on the defense, the Seahawks could benefit from additional support at the position. Bumpus suggests that Jaylon Smith could be the solution.

Bumpus believes that Smith’s experience and versatility make him an ideal depth piece for the Seahawks. He acknowledges that Smith may not be a starter right away but emphasizes the value of his veteran presence, solid backup skills, and contributions on special teams. Additionally, Bumpus notes that Smith’s price tag is likely to be reasonable, making him an attractive option for the Seahawks.

While Smith may not be heavily involved in special teams due to his condition, which he battled back from, he has shown leadership qualities during his time with the New York Giants. Bumpus’s assessment of Smith’s potential impact on the Seahawks defense aligns with the need for experienced players to bolster the team.

Ultimately, the Seattle Seahawks will need to weigh their options and make a decision on pursuing Jaylon Smith. However, it’s clear that at least one keen observer believes Smith could bring new life to the team’s defense and contribute to their success in the upcoming season.