New York Jets: Three Position Groups Poised for Success in the 2023 Season

The New York Jets are heading into the 2023 season with a renewed sense of optimism and high expectations. After years of struggles, the team believes it has built strong position groups that can contribute to their success. In this article, we will highlight three areas where the Jets have made significant improvements and are poised to make an impact.

Ed Mulholland-USA TODAY Sports
  1. Cornerbacks:
    The Jets have made substantial upgrades to their cornerback group, solidifying it as one of their strongest positions. With the addition of rising star Sauce Gardner, who was Pro Football Focus’ highest-graded cornerback in 2022, and D.J. Reed, ranked 23rd by Pro Football Focus, the Jets now boast an impressive trio of corners. Bryce Hall, Lamar Jackson, and Michael Carter have also shown their potential, with Carter excelling as a premier slot corner. With this talented group, the Jets have the ability to match up against the league’s top passing offenses, giving them a competitive edge.
  2. Edge Rushers:
    Under the guidance of Head Coach Robert Saleh, the Jets have invested heavily in their edge rushers. They have assembled a deep and talented group of players who can disrupt opposing offenses. John Franklin-Myers, ranked 18th by Pro Football Focus, leads the charge, along with Carl Lawson, Jermaine Johnson II, Will McDonald IV, and Bryce Huff. With multiple starting-quality edge rushers, the Jets can rotate their players to keep them fresh and maintain a relentless pass rush. This depth gives them a significant advantage in a league where edge rushers are highly valued.
  3. Quarterbacks:
    Perhaps the most significant upgrade for the Jets comes at the quarterback position. With the acquisition of Aaron Rodgers, a future Hall of Famer and former MVP, the Jets finally have a quarterback who can elevate the entire team. Rodgers’ track record speaks for itself, and his presence brings stability and excellence to a position that has long been a struggle for the team. The stark contrast between Rodgers and the Jets’ previous quarterbacks only amplifies the strength of this group.

As the Jets enter the 2023 season, they have reason to be optimistic about these three position groups. The cornerback group, fortified with talented additions, can shut down opposing passing attacks. The edge rushers, with their depth and talent, can consistently pressure quarterbacks and disrupt offenses. And with Aaron Rodgers leading the way, the Jets finally have a quarterback who can lead them to success. These improvements give the team a newfound confidence as they strive for a successful season in 2023.