Where to Buy NFL Fake nfl jerseys 2023

Football fandom is a cornerstone of my personality—and of my closet. As a die-hard Seattle Seahawks fan and WAG in training, I feel it’s my duty to wear game-day outfits that are jumbotron-worthy (I don’t practice my concerned wife in the stands look each Sunday for nothing, ppl!). And, as a commerce writer and Firstfinds trending products sleuthe, I can confirm that Taylor Swift single-handedly turned NFL merch into one of fall’s biggest fashion trends.

In curating my weekly looks and tracking Swifties’ recent shopping habits, I’ve discovered that cute NFL merch can be as hard to find as NFL players’ phone numbers (which I am very open to receiving, btw). Few NFL merch brands offer more than officially-licensed cheap NFL jerseys and basic tees, sweatshirts and hats with team logos. And unfortunately, most of the women’s apparel from teams’ official merch shops is like…not that cute.

To help your game-day outfits reach WAG status this season, I internet stalked my fair share of NFL wives and girlfriends for “research purposes” and located 13 places to buy cute NFL merch online, including Taylor’s exact Kansas City Chiefs jacket, Olivia Culpo’s 49ers baseball hat, and Chanel Iman’s custom Patriots jersey. Not only are these fashionable NFL merch brands a great way to show your team spirit each Sunday, but they also make excellent gift ideas for your fellow football fans.