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The German Football League (hereinafter referred to as the “Bundesliga”) ushered in the much-anticipated German El Clasico in the tenth round – Dortmund faced the defending champion Bayern Munich at the Signal Iduna Park Stadium. Since Dortmund, which had a points advantage, dramatically missed out on the league title at the end of last season, this round of El Clasico has been given the meaning of a “redemption battle”.
Less than 10 minutes into the game, Bayern winger Sane used a corner kick and a counterattack to assist Pamecano and Harry Kane, taking a 2-0 lead. In the next game, Dortmund, who had a slight advantage in possession, failed to score. On the contrary, Bayern relied on the two-goal advantage established at the beginning and frequently launched counterattacks in the last 20 minutes of the game. Harry Kane scored a hat trick, and the score was finally locked at 0-4.

Last weekend, in addition to the heated El Clasico at Signal Iduna Park, German American football fans cheap nfl jerseys also enjoyed an exciting and intense NFL regular season match at the Frankfurt Arena, between the Kansas City Chiefs and the Miami Dolphins. Since the English name of American football is also “Football”, the Bundesliga and the NFL have joined forces to jointly present this special “The Week of Football”. The German national derby and two NFL regular season games are coming. Bundesliga legend Lothar Matthäus and German American football player and NFL legend Sebastian Vollmer were invited to witness this dream linkage.

On the eve of the German national derby, Bundesliga China and well-known NFL commentator Xiao Shen collaborated to launch the video program “Football vs. Football”, which provides a comprehensive and in-depth analysis of the role of football and American football in Germany from the perspective of the cooperation between the two world’s top sports leagues. ’s development and connections, and the sporting story behind the host city of Frankfurt. In the fan circles of both sides, we can educate each other and find empathy, so as to enhance the public awareness of this “football weekend” concept.

Interestingly, Chinese table tennis Olympic champion Fan Zhendong, who was participating in a competition in Frankfurt, and his friend German table tennis star Boll appeared in the El Clasico audience. The two drove to the Signal Iduna Park Stadium and recorded it in vlog. Watch the whole process of this German national derby, immerse yourself in the warm atmosphere of Westphalia, and experience this authentic German sports culture.

Dortmund and Bayern Munich fans in China seemed to be infected by the atmosphere of watching the game thousands of kilometers away. In their own cities, they completed a dream linkage with the German El Clasico.

Bayern Munich held game viewing events in many cities across the country. Fan clubs in more than 25 cities, including Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, and Hong Kong, participated to cheer for the Southern Stars. At the main venue for the game viewing event in Xi’an, more than a hundred Bayern fans gathered together. The mascot Bernie landed in the ancient capital, and “second child” Muller also recorded a surprise video for the fans at the scene.

Dortmund also held offline fan meetings in four cities: Xi’an, Liaoning, Beijing, and Hunan. More than 200 fans remotely cheered for the Hornets at home. In Xi’an, a city with a strong football atmosphere, the fan clubs of the two teams also hosted a “national derby” for fans.
Bayern Munich Taicang Football School is actively participating in local campus football plans to promote the linkage between Chinese football and German football. In April this year, Bayern Club Ambassador Claudio Pizarro also landed in Taicang to guide the development of the youth training and opened the Bayern Munich Taicang Exhibition Center. Coinciding with the 10th anniversary of Bayern Munich’s Wembley victory in 2013, Bayern Taicang Exhibition Center opened a special 10th anniversary Wembley exhibition on October 20, which continues to this day. “Although the area is not large, the atmosphere is really good. Wandering around the exhibition hall, you can see the history of Bayern and learn more about Bayern. There are many jerseys displayed there, many historical honors, and profound cultural accumulation. ” Pizarro said.

As for Dortmund, during the National Day holiday this year, the first Dortmund “Happy Island Cup” Youth Football Friendly Match was held at the Happy Island Football Base. Dortmund sent the U15 echelon to China, and together with the echelon of football clubs from many countries, they used the ball to make friends and compete with China on and off the field. Youth football carried out in-depth exchanges.

Regarding the Chinese market, Benjamin Wahl, the head of Dortmund’s East Asia region, has his own opinion: “Any market strategy will not work without localization. It cannot be said that a strategy that is effective in Germany will be equally effective in China.” . Therefore, exchanges such as Dortmund’s ‘Happy Island Cup’ Youth Football Friendly Match are very necessary. We need to explore with local people possible ways to popularize football in China.