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Tottenham’s management has once again demonstrated its excellent business operation capabilities. The team’s home stadium, Tottenham Hotspur Stadium, will host two NFL (National Football League) games on October 8 and October 15. It is expected to be Tottenham brought in £10 million.

Tottenham Hotspur Stadium opened to the public in 2019, and two weeks ago, Cheap NFL Jerseys Tottenham announced an agreement with the NFL. The team’s home stadium will host NFL games every year until 2030. It is also the only stadium outside the United States that can host NFL games. Stadium for NFL games.

Football economics expert Rob Wilson said: “Many football stadiums can only be opened twice a week because they have a single function, but Tottenham can benefit from the revenue generated by developing more functions in the stadium.”

“If you include ticket prices, broadcasting shares, stadium rental and other expenses, it is estimated that these two NFL games can bring Tottenham 10 million pounds in revenue.”

Wolves reversed Tottenham Hotspur 2-1 in the 12th round of the Premier League. After the game, coach Gary O’Neill accepted an interview with the famous BBC program “Match of the Day”. He said that this may be the most proud game he has ever coached, because the team still maintained a good mentality and understanding even when facing a deficit. Gary O’Neal believes the fans also enjoyed the game. However, we can’t help but wonder, can the Wolves maintain this state in the next schedule and continue to surprise the audience? Only time will tell.