Authentic NFL Jerseys: How to Spot a Fake from the Real Deal 2023

If you’re trying to save money on a new NFL jersey, you’re not alone. With authentic NFL jerseys selling anywhere from $100 to $295, there’s a large market for buyers looking for discounted options. However, unless you’re buying from legitimate (and somewhat expensive) sites like, you’re going to have to question the authenticity of any jersey you purchase. Scammers have flooded e-commerce platforms with fraudulent listings and counterfeit NFL jerseys.

To ensure you’re buying an authentic NFL jersey, you’re going to need to learn how to spot the fakes from the real deal.

What Are Fake NFL Jerseys?

First, it’s important to note the different tiers of NFL jerseys. Legitimate replicas come in a variety of qualities and price points. There are currently four different types of game-day-ready NFL jerseys:

Nike Legend Jersey: Legend jerseys are the low-quality fan gear inspired by the team’s jerseys. These are usually cheap and use lower-quality materials.
Nike Game Jersey: Game jerseys have a loose, relaxed fit, perfect for watching the big game from your couch. They feature breathable mesh side panels and screen-printed graphics (including the name and number). However, they don’t use the same high-quality materials as the performance jerseys.
Nike Limited Jersey: Limited jerseys are high-end jerseys inspired by real-deal uniforms. They use high-quality materials, but they don’t have every detail of the more expensive Elite jerseys.
Nike Elite Jersey: The most real-deal jerseys you can find without raiding the team’s locker room. Nike Elite jerseys have authentic materials, ventilation, sewn-on twill letters and numbers, and every teeny-tiny detail of the official jerseys.
All of these jerseys are considered authentic—none of these are fakes.

Fake NFL jerseys are scammer-made clothing that mimics the style and details of any of these authentic NFL jerseys. They’re often made with low-quality and non-durable materials but promise the performance and professionalism of original jerseys.

Fake NFL jerseys don’t get all the details right. Often, they’ll use the wrong shades of colors and even print the wrong player number on the back. In addition, these cheap jerseys usually have sizing issues, and some will fall apart after a single wash.

You’ll find fake NFL jerseys selling for unbelievably low prices—if you think it’s too good to be true, then it probably is. However, some fakes marketing themselves as authentic, high-quality jerseys will sell at higher prices to improve their legitimacy. Below, we’ll help you spot the fakes and avoid certain sellers.

Where Are Fake NFL Jerseys Sold?
Scammers sell fake NFL jerseys all over the internet. Here are the most common places you’ll find fakes:

Facebook Marketplace
Walmart Marketplace
Scam websites
NFL Shop imposters
Even honest, legitimate sellers can sell fake NFL jerseys. If they purchased the jersey online years ago, there’s a chance they innocently bought a fake.

Regardless, if you’re buying from your neighbor’s garage sale or a stranger on Craigslist, the following investigative methods will help you spot the fakes from authentic NFL jerseys.

6 Ways to Tell the Difference Between Fake and Authentic NFL Jerseys
There are some tell-tale signs of fake NFL jerseys, so it’s essential to know what to look for when buying one online or in person. Pay special attention to the:

Letters and numbers
Clothing tags
Panel colors
Stitch and thread quality
Security label

  1. Letters and Numbers
    First, analyze the font. Then, look up the real-deal jersey on the team’s website or If the font is off, then it’s probably a fake.

Next, look at the quality of the letters and numbers. Fakes will often have folds and creases and low-quality material. However, this isn’t always noticeable at first glance—often, you’ll begin to see the folds and creases as the jersey goes through the wash.